Sailboat rental on the Basque Coast

Guipúzcoa, Vizcaya, South West France

In collaboration with AMAINA (SailSebastian S.L.U) have launched a new base with our third Pogo 36 (Amaina Burubeltz) in San Sebastián. Our unique yacht charter service on the Basque coast, with or without skipper, starts in May and offers a gentle, comfortable and safe sailing experience along the mythical Bay of Biscay. Choose between either day or weekend trips to San Sebastián, along the interesting coastline which has the perfect balance of modern marinas and charming villages, rich in culture, tradition, landscape and gastronomy.

Sailing west from San Sebastián, the coastline is dotted with high and medium cliffs crowned with lush forests, small estuaries, beautiful bays and cliffs that rise to Cape Matxitxako which become gentler near the Cantabrian coast. To the east, the last few miles of our coastline gives way to gentle low hills that announce the arrival in Iparralde, France, which is a very well-tended corner of the south of the beautiful Aquitaine region.

With different cultural, architectural, gastronomic and landscapes, this sailing area is gift that gives us this privileged border location, only 10 miles from our base in San Sebastián. A base that deserves to be visited. An emblematic city of national and international tourism and an obligatory stopover for any sailor or landlubber. Spending a night on board in its charming port or bay, in the heart of the city, is now a luxury within everyone's reach.

  • length 10.86 m
  • no. people 6
  • cabins 3 double
  • price from

The sailing routes

Along the Basque Coast

Nautical miles from Saint-Sebastien to the following marinas:

To the EAST

  1. Pasaia3'
  2. Hondarribia10'
  3. Hendaye11'
  4. Saint Jean de Luz14'
  5. Anglet24'
  6. Capbreton30'
  7. Arcachon88'
  8. Port Medoc145'
  9. Ile de Re/La Rochelle185'


To the WEST

  1. Orio6'
  2. Getaria9'
  3. Zumaia11'
  4. Mutriku16'
  5. Ondarroa18'
  6. Lekeitio22'
  7. Bermeo32'
  8. Getxo/Bilbao46'
  9. Castro Urdiales52'
  10. Laredo60'
  11. Santoña62'
  12. Santander80'
  13. San Vicente de la Barquera110'
  14. Llanes120'
  15. Ribaesella136'
  16. Gijón160'